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DATE 05-06-2011 BY 60324 UCBAW/SAE/SBS 



cc - Mr. Boardman 
Mr, Belmont 
Mr. Batungardner 
Mr. Williams 


Internal security - x 

December 13# 1956 





Although reports have been submitted to the 
Department on all citizens councils concerning which 
we have conducted investigations and inquiries to date, 
the Department has indicated the activities of these 
organizations do not fall within the purview of Executive 
Order 10450* In view of this fact, there is no basis 
upon which to base justification for further inquiry. 
Therefore, you are instructed to immediately discontinue 
inquiries concerning all citizens councils upon receipt 
of this letter. It is your responsibility to also 
immediately notify auxiliary offices of the discontinuance 
of the investigation. 

In order that the Bureau may continue to carry 
out its responsibilities of keeping interested Government 
agencies informed of information of interest to them, you 
must continue your efforts to keep abreast of developments 
in order that the Bureau may be apprised of any situation 
which indicates a potential for violence. In obtaining 
information, however, absolutely no inquiries are to be 
made by you. You must secure the desired information 
through close scrutiny of the public press plus whatever 
information may be volunteered to you. 

2cc - Baltimore 
2cc - Birmingham 
2cc - Charlotte 
2cc - Dallas 
2cc - Detroit 
2cc - Houston 
2cc - Knoxville 
2cc - Little Rock 
2c c - Louisville 
2cc - Memphis 

^ , nEcmm . ' 

2cc - Miami / 

2cc - Mobile yi/ y;j^l 

2cc - New Orleans / 

2cc - Norfolk ^ 

2cc - Oklahoma City J<a i 
2cc - Richmond 
2cc -St. Loui s 
2cc - San Antonio 
2cc - Savannah 
2cc - Washington Field 


^0-V^JB:CFWihif (50) 

50 JAN 31 1957 

See memo Belmont to Boardman, 12-13-56, 
FJB:CFW:gft, same caption. 

Ia.a-.-ial cor*' ‘’’Fn I" ' 3^- 

Letter to SAC, Atlanta 

With respect to the use of confidential 
informants, I want it clearly understood that no 
informant is to be given any assignment in connection 
with obtaining information regarding the activities of 
citizens councils without prior Bureau authority. If 
you have a confidential informant already reporting on 
citizens councils matters you may continue to accept 
information volunteered by the informant but you must 
not give him any additional assignments in this field. 

If you feel it is necessary for some specific reason to 
continue an informant in a particular citizens council 
you must immediately advise the Bureau, together with 
the identity of the informant, his reliability and your 
assurance that continued operation of the informant will 
not result in any embarrassment to the Bureau* 

Each office receiving copies of this letter 
must submit to the Bureau a monthly summary of information 
concerning the activities of citizens councils in your 
respective territories. The first such letter is to be 
submitted to reach the Bureau by January 15 ^ 1957, and 
each succeeding letter must be submitted to reach the 
Bureau by the fifteenth of each month. This summary, 
which shall consist of an original and seven copies, 
must be submitted in memorandum form suitable for dissemi- 
nation and forwarded to the Bureau by cover letter. These 
sximmary memoranda and your cover letter must bear the 
caption "Citizens Councils, (name of field office)". 

Each of these siimmary memoranda must also be dated. 

As in the past, information received concerning 
citizens councils which requires expeditious handling 
must not be delayed for inclusion in the monthly summary 
but must be furnished to the Bureau promptly by whatever 
means of communication is required by the nature of the 

Letter to SAC, Atlanta 

This matter must receive your personal attention 
and it is your responsibility^ insofar as is possible, 
to see to it that the Bureau -will continue to be in a 
position to furnish pertinent information concerning 
potential violence to interested Government agencies. 

With respect to the administrative handling of 
current cases, you should submit a closing report "within 
30 days from the aate of this letter. This report should 
incorporate any information which has been obtained to 
date not previously reported. If there is very little 
information to be reported, you may at your discretion sub 
mit a closing letter. On the administrative page of the 
closing report or in the closing letter make reference to 
this letter in order that the administrative handling at 
the Seat of Government may be facilitated , 

The fact that we are discontinuing our inquiries 
concerning citizens councils is not to be discussed or 
made known in any manner to anyone outside your own office 
This includes your confidential informants. 


0 jfic 6 ^N[£1120Vauduifl • united states 


Director, FBI (l0O-3^237-Sub 42) 
SAC, St. Louis (105-1187) 



ST^OIFis" diTOion 
IS - X 



Rebulets 12-13-56, 1-30-57 and mylet 1-14-57. 

Inasmuch as no organization vjhlch falls within the 
category of citizens councils has ever existed in the 
territory of this division, letters dealing with the activities 
of citizens councils required by the 15 th of each month, per 
Bulet 12 - 13 - 56 , will not be submitted in the future UACB. 

The Bureau will be advised of the formation of any 
such organization in this territory coming to the attention 
of this office. 


2-Bureau (j®M) 

1-St. Louis 

CROC :mbs 

(3) \ 


DATE 05-06-2011 BY 60324 UCEAW/SAB/3B3 




3ACt St. Louis (105-1187) 

Olrector, H% (105-34237-42>'3 

Oetober 31, 1957 

ncrO'.<Ot&'^CIIIZi»f CWeiLS 
SI. LOUIS Bjvisiiir 
wnmMi sicuBift - X 

leurlet dated Oetober 24 » 1957* 

Xb relet you advised tJhere are uo orgaaizations 
in your territory which fall within the category 
of citizens councils j however, you pointed put that 
the Bureau may to reennaiday tha complete 

reactivation of and ^ | who, have 

furnished information oeneeniing the Rational 
Citizens Protective Association (IfCPA). 

As you are aware the Department has 
advised that activities of the BCPA are not such 
as to bring it within the purview of ixeeutive 
Order 10450 and, therefore, the Bureau does not 
desire to reactivate these informants at this tiise. 

If in the future these informant in a position 
to furnish information concerning^rae activities of 
organizations such as citizens councils which m^ 
become active^ in your territory, you should again 
consider the reactivation of these informants in line 
with instructions sot forth in luiot to Atlanta 
dated October 9, 1957., copies to your office 
captioned ^'Citizens Councils, Internal Security - X." 



mmm is uticlassified 

DATE 05 ™ 06™2011 BY 60324 UCBAl/SAB/SBS 

Tolson . — 
Nichols — 
Belmont _ 


Parsons - 


"CTni 1957 







DATE 05 - 06-2011 BY 60324 UCBAW/SAB/SBS 

Office ISAjemOYClTldwTl • united st^es government 

= Director, FBI (105-3^237, Sub 42) 


FROM / (sag, St. Louis (105-1187) 

IS - X 

Rebulet to Atlanta dated 10-9-57. 

My letter 3-15-57, Instant caption, reflects that no 
organization which falls within the category of citizens 
councils has ever existed In the territory of this division 
and no subsequent change In this connection has been noted. 

The principal focal point of pro-segregation 
activity In this territory continues to be the National i 

Citizens Protective Association, Inc. (NCPA) , IS - X (Buflle ° 
105-16510), whose headquarters are located In St. Louis, . 

which, according to Bulets to St. Louis 12-8-55 and 2-3-56 * 

both captioned "Citizens Councils and States ' Rights Movements/ 
IS - X", was construed as not falling within this category. | 
Closing report dated 7-26-57 was submitted In this Investigate 
per Bulet 6-3-57 "National Citizens Protective Association, | 
IS - X" In view of decision by Department that activities of 
NCPA were not such as to bring It within purview of EO 10450. 

In passing, as a matter of general Information, the 
only other anti-negro "organization" currently existing In thM^ 
territory is "-Pbp Ci hi ?:pn.ct ■ rinunp.n nf the Mid-West" . 

According to land |who have both furr^Shed ip I 

reliable Information In the past. It was brought Into^^^lngV^y^ 
as a paper organization In early 1957 by WILLIAM M^^LORI /\ 
of St. Louis, who was expelled from both NCPA mem^i^^hip^ and 
from Its executive board in the summer of 1956~for“ the sole 
purpose of publishing a "one man" monthly publication styled 
"The Citizens Council of the Midwest" . These sources have b7o 
advised that PLORI has been employing the words "citizens 
councils" for purposes of prestige and without the consent 
of the Citizens Councils of America with which it reportedly 
Is In no way connected or affiliated. ^ ^ 

.-Bureau (AM, (aM)f./., ^ 

4-St. Louis (105-1187) I 

(100-10834) NCPiSECOUO£Q. 35 S.1 1 

CROC :mbs 


. 3g 


Director, FBI 

October 24, 1957 

The aforementioned publication, subscription rate of 
$2.00 per year. Is In four page letter size form and Its 
articles, which are anti-negro, anti-Semitic and antl-Communlst, 
frequently reflect misspellings, poor English and Improper 
punctuation. The only address noted on Its Issues Is Post 
Office Box 1957# Meramec Station, St. Louis, Mo., which, according 
to local Post Office officials, was rented on II-15-56 by W. M. 
PLORI of St. Louis on behalf of "Citizens Councils of the Midwest^ 
an ‘Educational Paper". Its Issues, which are regularly received, 
have never reflected the name of any official In Its masthead or 

From the standpoint of potential bona fide citl 



fine eir.i7. 

1 s In this area, coverage Is afforded bvl . — I 

(Buflle 100-390145) who are both stllll 

leTt that the origin of any citizens council In this 

it is 

area would promptly come to the attention of NCPA officials 
who are extremely jealous of the position of their organization 
and Its monthly publications and who are ever vigilant as to 
possible competitors In this field. It Is noted that In the 
past, Items of Information concerning various Citizens Councils 
throughout the South, as menti oned at NCPA Executive Board me etings 
which were formerly regularly I I 

were reported by them. In view of the positions attained by 
these Informants, It Is submitted that the Bureau may desire 
to reconsider their present status, as well as their future 
position, which was necessitated by the closing of the NCPA 
Investigation. (See mylets 6-l4 and 9-16-57 and Bulet 7-2-57 
all captioned \ \ . It Is felt that the 

Bureau may desire their complete reactivation. If possible. 

In NCPA from these standpoints as their activity henceforth 
will be confined to receipt of NCPA literature with Infrequent 
visits to NCPA headquarters. 

Plans for receiving Information as to the formation of 
any citizens councils In this area also Includes review of two 
dally St. Louis newspapers, St. Louis negro newspapers and 
various newspapers published throughout territory of this 
office. All Resident Agents have been Instructed to continue 
to remain alert re establishment of citizens councils In their 


- 2 - 

Director, FBI 

October 24, 1957 

In view of the absence of citizens councils in the 
territory of this office at present, the thirty day letter 
provided for in relet will not be submitted UACB. 


1 - M 


SIC, St. touis (105-1187) February Ilf 1958 


Director (105-34237-42)- 

cmzsxs CODICILS 

Renrairtel dated February 5i 1958, in which 
(T you advised coBceraing foraation of Misiouri Vhite 

^ Touth Council. 

lo investigation of Hisaouri White Youth 
Council or any other citizens council>type organization 
should be initiated without prior Bureau authority. 

However, you are instructed to alert infomants and 
sources concemlag this organization and if information 
is received indicating this organization niQr resort 
to violence or participate in activities resulting in 
violations of laws within the Bureau's jurisdiction coverage 
should be Inmedlately obtained in accordance with 
instructions set forth in Bulet to Atlanta dated 
October 9, 1957, copies to your office. 

loop the Bureau advised of pertinent 



DATE 05-06-2011 BY 60324 UCBAl/SAB/SBS 

FD-36 (Rev. 12-?^3-lj6) 

F B I 



DATE 05”-06™2011 BY 60324 UCBAW/SAB/SBS 

Date: 2"5"58 

Transmit the following in 


A I R T E L 

(Type in plain text or code) 


(priority or Method of Mailing) 


TO : DIRECTOR, IBI (105-34237 -Sub. 42) 


is - X 

For the Information of the Bureau, two 
autostatic copies of Page 8 of "The White Sentinel", 
Volume VIII, No, 1, January, 1958, official monthly 
INC. (nCPA), is - X (Buflle IO5-I65IO), are trans- 
mitted herewith with attention Invited to column one, 
article, "Missouri White Youth Council Pomed", Note 
3154-South Grand, St, Louis, Is national headq\xarters 
of NCPA. 



who has furnished 
advised that during 


on 1/31/58, I 

reliable Information in trie pasu, 

January 30, 1958, telephone conversation, HELEN WOLP^ 
NCPA Secretary-Treasurer, and editor of "The White 
Sentinel", stated next meeting of NCPA Executive 
Board wotild be held 2/8/58, commenting that no meetings 
thereof were held during December, 1957, or January, 
1958. WOLF mentioned that they had received several 
contributions for the "Missouri White Youth Council" 

(S'- BURRAU (Enclosiires 2 ) (REQIS^^IrED MAIL) 

5 - St. Louis (1 - 105-0- . Ilftlssourl White Youth Council) 
1 - .100-10834. - NCPA I // T - -v > 

y CR0*C:gaf 

V i#k0S: 


Spe^KAgent in Charge 

FD-36 (FLev. 12-13-56) 

SL #105-1187 


F B I 


Transmit the following in 

(Type in plain text or code) 

Via ^ I 

(Priority or Method of Mailing) j 


together with several encouraging letters and that 
the membership blank had been submitted with one 
contribution, WOLF said these had been sent by 
persons j not identified by her, residing in states 
of Washington, Texas and North ©r South Carolina, 
cities not Indicated. 

I I who hasj furnisher^ reliable in- 
formation 3nmie“past, and I lhave opined 

that "Missouri White Youth Co\incil" is a "paper" 
front organization of NCPA, designated primarily 
to save as a new fund-raising vehicle in much 
the same manner as the Independent School Associa- 
tion of Missouri was created and operated iintil 
it became defunct after serving its piirpose along 
with other fund-raising schemes vAiich have been 
contrived by HELEN and FOREST WOLF, NCPA President, 
from time to time. 

It is not believed that active investi- 
gation of "Missouri White Youth Council" is warranted 
at this time and it will be followed through NCPA 
public ations and le- tjters as w ell as thro\igh cover- 
age by I I and 




- 2 

Sent M Per 

Special Agent in Charge 






BUPILE #105 -342 37 -Sub. 42 
SLPILE # 105-1187 



DATE OS-06-2011 BY 60324 lTCEl¥/3iiB/3BS 

. ■ / ■ 



2i;^ MAY 11 1972' 

E N C L 0 S U 

R E 



Attention Teen-Agers and Parents: Todsiy, 
more than ever before, the youth of America 
is being flooded with integrationlst propa- 
ganda. This integrationlst propaganda they 
receive through various Institutions, such 
as schools and newspapers, is all the In- 
formation that many receive on the subject. 
So, naturally, many of the youths of today 
are taking this race-mixing propaganda at 
face value and, especially in the Northern 
States, are becoming integrationists. 

We feel -that something should be done 
about it by the youth themselves. A group 
of teen-agers In St. Louis, Missouri, has 
formed the Missouri White Youth Council 
and we hope that eventually all patriotic 
White teen-agers in the United States will 
join. We plan to give the youth of America 
the other side of the story so they can see 
how they were misled by the Communists 
and the do-gooders. 

The Youth Council plans to help lead the 
youth of America out of the maze of in- 
tegral ionist propaganda and into the way of 
God, the way of segregation. If you know of, 
or if you are a White teen-ager between the 
ages of 14 and 20, and are interested in 
joining or forming a White Youth Council, 
write to; 

3154a South Grand 

Unitsd White PmrSy 
Elecia Officers 

Delegates from 15 states met at Knoxville, 
Tennessee, Dec. 14th and 15th to choose 
officers, adopt by-laws and a platform for 
the United White Party. The following 
officers were chosen; Arthur B. Cole, 
LaPollette. Tennessee. National Chairman, 
James Bagwell, Greenville, South Carolina, 
Vice Chair than; Ned Dupes, Knoxville, 
Tennessee. Secretary-Treasurer and Matt 
Koehl, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, National 
Organizer. The United White Party is the 
only political party in America dedicated 
solely to the White Race and its preserva- 
tion, racial integrity, states rights, segrega- 
tion and Christian principles. It opposes 
the NAACP, the Anti-Defamation League 
and all other race-mixing individuals and 
organizations. The 15 states represented 
were: Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, 

Georgia, Illinois. Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, 
Missouri, New York, North Carolina. Ohio, 
South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin. 
P. O. Box 2161, Knoxville, Tennessee. 

IT'S WORTH $50,000,000,000 

The WS has frequently pointed out that it 
is the White taxpayers who build schools, 
hospitals and public housing for the negroes 
and pay their welfare and Aid to Dependent 
Childrens’ checks. Now along comes P. L. 
Prattis, Editor of the negro Courier, who 

Claims White America owes all this and ;nuch 
more to the blacks. Prattis has it all fig- 
ured out that America owes $50,000,000,000 
to the negroes for making slaves out cf thr;ii 
for 244 years, k'ost White Americans would 
be happy to pay the descendants of the ox- 
s laves $50,000,000,000 if they would takf it 
back to Africa with them and stay there. 


Continued from page 5 

apolis, S/ar,. the Minnesota Friends of 
Koinonia asked churches to set up booths 
at which parishioners could buy pecans. 
Using the slogan “Build Good Will," (see 
picture on page 5), Minnesota churches have 
sold about 9,000 tons of Koinonia's pecan 
meats. Instead of “building good will," the 
money raised by the churches will be 
to build more hatred, dissension and vio- 
lence to feed the flames of the War against 
the White South. If the “liberal'’ church 
people of Minnesota believe so strong^' in 
Communist-inspired integration in Georgia, 
they should be willing to practice it them- 
selves. Since the last census reported only 
14,000 negroes in the entire State, Minne- 
sota’s ardent Integrationists should Invite 
their “colored brothers" to move to Minne- 
sota instead of paying for attempted race- 
mixing in Georgia. 

St. Louis 18, Missouri 






White American Youth Standing Together 


As of Dec. 3Ist, the National Citizens Protective 
Association had printed and distributed over 2,000,000 
pieces of literature. The past year saw far more material 
flowing out of our office than ever before. On all sides 
there are encouraging signs that America is awakening 
to the menace of racial integration. The White Sentinel 
the White American News Service and the numerous tracts 
leaflets and booklets which we print have played a vital 
role in this. We believe 1958 will be a banner year. Why 
not become a part of this effort by ordering extra copie s 
of The White Sentinel to distribute? Begin the New Year 
right by sending The White Sentinel to your friends 


12 copies $1.00 100 copies $6.00 1,000 copies $45.00 

Order from the National Citizens Protective Association, 
P. 0. Box 156, or 3154o South Grond, St. Louis, Missouri 


Back in 1907, the then Governor of 
Mississippi, James K, Vardaman answered 
a reporter's questions on giving the ^egro 
the vote by saying: “The negro should 

never have been trusted with the ballot. He 
is different from the White man. He is 
dongenitally unqualified to exercise the 
responsible duty of citizenship. He is 
physically, mentally, morally, racially and 
eternally the White man's inferior. There is 
nothing in the history of his race, nothing 
in his Individual character, nothing in his 
achievements of the past nor his promise 
for the future which entitles him to stand 
side by side with the White man at the 
ballot box.” 

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword... E>uy 
and distribute The White Sentinel 



'^Official Organ of the National Citizens Protective Association* 

P.O. Box 156 St. Loui* 3. Mo. 



City Zone State 

Rafts: $2.00 a year, PublUhad Monthly 

The White American News Service, published monthly, is also Included with your subscription 

to The White Sentinel 


DATE 05-06-2011 BY 60324 UCBAW/SAE/SES y ^ ^ ^ P - 'V 

■ F,D-.?6iRe% 12-13-56) 



DATE 05™0fc-2011 BY 60324 UCBAW/SAB/SBS 

Transmit the following in 

;F E^-;I 

Date: 2/14/58 


(Type in plain text or code) 


(priority or Method of Mailing) 


DIRECTOR, FBI (105-34237-42) 
SAC, ST. LOUIS ( 105 - 1187 ) 


IS -~x — 

Re my alrtel 2/5/58 and Bureau letter 2/11/58, both 
captioned matter. 

On 2 /IO/ 58 I | and| | who have both 

furnished reliable information in the pa^, advised that at 
the 2 / 8/58 executive board meeting ofihe National Citizens / / 
Protectiv^^ssociation (NCPA), ^. Chairm an, stated 

that th^T MissourL-Iinni te Yout h j^r^YTiwas coming “right along; 
that a group of boys had vig^ed NCPA headquarters that 
afternoon; that] L(St. Louis indices negative) 

of Normandy ,^l_s§purl , [ St . Louis suburb) Hlgh.Sfiiiool, was 
the leader a.nd that he wpuld like to have BAUfiaddress Instant 
body, commenting he was /quite impressed by him. 


Two autostatic copies of "The V/hite Sentinel" 
volume VIII, No. 2. February . 1958 , which was made available 
2 / 12/58 by former \ who has furnished reliable Informat L 

in the past, with particular reference to article "Interest in s. 
White Youth Council Grows" page 8, colvimns 2, are enclosed ^ 
for information and retention. 


3 - Bureau (105-34237-42) 

5 - St. Louis (1 - 105 - 1187 ) (1 - 105 -new dead,Missourl White Yo' 

I -Gnunc il ) 1 ' 

(1 - 100 - 10834 , NqPA) (1 - I 1(1 - 

CRO; jcr 


FL3 -Ff J958 

6 0 MAR a. m 


M Per 

Speclar Agent in Charge 



he dlhi 






VoL VW No. 2 

Racial iniegriiy - Not Amalgamation 

February, 1959 


The Urban League and the NAACP are dictating the hiring 
policies of the Federal Government* Sen. J. Strom Thurmond 
charged in an open letter to Tricky Dicky Nixon, head of 
Eisenhower*s Committee on Government Contracts. Not only 
are negroes replacing more and more White workers employed 
directly by the Federal Government, but Ike's Committee was 
farcp all companies and unions doing busi- 
ness with the Government to hire and promote more and more 
negroes at the expense of the White workers. This is called 
"Fair (sic) Employment Practices" (FEPC). 

Vice President Nixon, right, poses with Carl Murphy, head of 
the Afro- American Newspapers; James M. Nabrit, secretary 
of Howard (negro) University and Max Rabinovitz, (who now 
calls himself "Rabb"), at an equal job opportunities con- 
ference sponsored by the President's Committee on Govern- 
ment Contracts held at the Willard Hotel in Washington. 
Rabinovitz is the Anti-Defamation League agent in the White 

Nixon Threatens Private Business 

Employers with Government contracts are forced to hire 
negroes provided by the Urban League instead of Whites by 
threats from Tricky Dicky Nixon that their contracts will be 
cancelled unless they allow the Urban League to dictate 
their hiring and promotion policies. Sen. Thurmond said he- 
was against any program for forcing the hiring of negroes 
instead of Whites and that he was "bitterly opposed to hav- 
ing any group which is outside the Government dictate 
policy to the Government or any of its agencies." 

The Senator also charged that Eisenhower's Committee on 
Government Contracts "is attempting to force unwanted em- 
( Continued on page 2 ) '' 

Nixon hugs a hottentot chief during his African trip last year 

Continued from page 1 

ployment relationships and is permitting both 
the Urban League and the NAACP to dictate 
policy to Government agencies and employers 
concerned." Elsenhower's Committee and Its 
anti-White, discriminatory policies were not 
authorized or established by Congress. They 
are the -result of an Executive Decree made 
by Eisenhower to bribe negroes into the 
Republican Party. Taking White men's jobs 
away and giving them to negroes is one of 
the schemes thought up by the Palace Guard, 
Nixon and Knowlond to cajole negroes into 
the Republicem Party. 

For seven years, the National Citizens Pro- 
tective Association and its publications have 
exposed the Urban League for intimidating 
employers to hire negroes instead of Whites. 
Sen. Thurmond's charges, as well as the 
documented charges made against the Urban 
League in V. S. News & World Report, should 
much to cause Chests and Funds to stop 
luppcffting the Urban League. Business and 
-.mlons who we being coerced and intimidated 
by the Urban League should cease contribu- 
ting to any Community Chest or United Fund 
as long as it subsidizes the Urban League. 

How the President’s Committee on Govern- 
ment Contracts Works 

For displeasing the Committee in the num- 
ber of negroes hired, fired, promoted or d(^- 
moted, a company's Government contracts 
can be cancelled and no new Government 
business given to it. U. $. News & World 
Report carried a four page atricle on how ihe 
Committee works, excerpts of which follow: 

Ru/es for emp/oyers. Conti actors c an- 
not mention race, religion or national 
origin in their “help wan tern!” advertise- 
ments. Application forms may not ask the 
race of the job seeker. 

Front-office jobs, apprenticeships and 
job-training programs are supposed to be 
open to Negroes on an equal basis with 
whites. There is to be no discrimination 
in rates of pay, firings, demotions or 

Notices announcing the policy of 
'equal economic opportunity” must be 
potsted in factories and company employ- 
ment ofiSces. And the employers must in- 
sert no-discrimination clauses into all 
contracts awarded to subcontractors. 
Thus the prime contractor, the man with 
U. S. Government contract, is re- 
4>onsible for seeing to it that none of 
subcontractors discriminates. 

To supplement the complaint process, 
Cmnmittee now has set up what it 
lailb a Compliance Review Program. 
Burhig the kst year this called for visits 
investigators to 508 plants, most of 
metropolitan areas. 

- Ttee Investi^b^ asked employers to 
Jiw ppWW A lengthy questionnaire. 

a breakdown of skills by 
cmploy^^s if they were 
League to recruit Nc- 
if Negro schools had 
oeini consulbiki. They looked to see if the 

no-disevimination posters were up in the 

Many agencies consult the NAACP 
and the Urban League about complaints. 
“They know the general conditions in 
the area,” a procurement officer explains. 
Sometimes the employer is advised to 
contact the Urban League in hiring Ne- 
groes. An official of the Nixon Committee 
adds; “No one compels employers to go 
to the Urban League. We don’t revoke a 
contract if they don’t use the services of 
the League. We just direct attention to it.” 

Enforcing the rules. In practice, the 
Committee has been serving as a clear- 
inghouse for complaints. Actual enforce- 
ment is left up to the Government agency 
supervising the contract. 

Once a complaint is mailed in by a 
worker or, as frequently happens, is for- 
warded by the National Association for 
the Advancement of Colored People or 
the Urban League, tlie machinery starts 
to function. 

Thus, employers still haven’t felt tlie 
full impact of the integration-in-jobs pro- 
gram. It is to take shape in future federal 
directive.s, in visits from Go\'erniuent in- 
spectors, in action on complaints. You 
will be hearing more about these— and 
the i‘e[)crcussions on contractors, on un- 
ions, on industrial commiinitic's—during 
the next 12 months. fENOi 

willing to lower stondords by indiscriminate 
hiring of unskilled (negro) workers." (Empha- 
sis added by WS). 

That Is the crux of the situat.ion. Nixon's 
Committee and all FEPC laws are to force 
employers and unions to hire and promote ne- 
groes simply because they ore negroes even 
though they ore unqualified for the |obs. If 
the enemies of the White Race have their way, 
a White man will have to blacken his face in 
order to get a job. 


A negro delegate to Nixon's Equal Job Op- 

R ortunities Conference whispers advice in 
ixon's ear. Nixon has been on Honorary 
Member of the NAACP since 1946. 

Employers Must Lower SUadanls 
To Hire Negroes 

The Toledo Blade, May 17, 1967, quoted 
negro George W. Butler, Director of Edueatirm 
for the President's Committee on Govertiiaent 
Contracts as saying In an addMg bsf oca 
industry, l^or and community leAdeia at the 
Toledo Public Library: 

"Since all Government Cootracta call for no 
discrimination racially In eu)|>loyment. the 
first roadblock encountered is that wt^Ie an 
employer was willing and wished to moot the 
implications of the clause, ywt he was not 

White House adviser E. Frederic Morrow, 
pictured above, is claiming the "credit" for 
Elsenhower's use of troops in Little Rock, 
Pittsbur^f^ ■ wu' > "Credit 
is being given to Louis Armstrong's outburst 
for President Elsenhower's military move in 
Arkansas, but White House adviser E. Frederic 
Morrow claims that It was bis adroonlUvi 
the Chief Executive 'not to let him down' 
which brought about the decisive motion." 

If this is not true, Eisenhower should at 
once repudiate Morrow's claim and fire him. 
Unless this happens, the American people 
have no other alternative but to believe that 
the President of the United States ordered 
Federal troops with drawn bayonets into little 
Rock because his negro adviser said: "Don't 
let roe down." 

lostead of repudiating Morrow and firing him, 
Eisenhower has promoted him and moved him 
into the east wing of the White House. 
Morrow wiU now assist Arthur Larsen in 
wrKIsg BisaidMWiv^s spseohss. It Is said 
t)ie negro has hem wrlt^ Hixon^s speeches 
for some time (sea April 1957 WS). Now he 
will "assist in tip research and drafting of 
aU addresses sad statements made by Ike ." 
ItorTow is a fcrniet FteW Secret at y of Uie 
NoticihSl Aasocl^ltm for the Advance 
Of Colors Peopled 


’ ' puboB 'Housing 

Patrolman Nate Jordan inspects vandalism at the Wendell 
Pruitt (all-negro) housing project in St. Louis. Police call 
the 2 negro and 2 integrated housing projects in the area 
‘*New Korea” because of their high crime rate. The Globe- 
Oemocrcn stated: "Press clippings from every public housing 
city in the country show concern over the increase of problem 
lamilies, vandalism, juvenile delinquency, adult crime and 
filth in the projects” and added: "Some families have to be 
taught to use bath rooms, others not to heave garbage out of 
the windows. Still others must be shown - under threat of 
eviction - how to use a mop and broom and the value of dis- 
infectant." Another reason Whites leave when a project be- 
comes integrated is that they object to negro couples carry- 
ing on sexual activities in halls, elevators, stairways, base- 
ments, etc. 

Detroit’s Experience 

' - . '' orr segregated ^ for Macks 

cx x>ui a federal Court ordered them integrated 

basing its decision on the Supreme Court's Black Monday 
ruling. The 3 all-negro projects are still all-negi'o. Four are 
integrated and only one remains White. One of the integrated 
projects is 98.2% negroid. The others are getting as bad. 
The Detroit Free Press said: "Detroit faces the distinct 

possibility that its public housing may become almost en- 
tirely for negroes. 

Negro housing in negro districts is one thing, but integrated 
housing in White districts is another. Before the land was 
cleared for the Edward J. Jefferies Project in Detroit, the 
area was White. Now the project itself is almost all negro 
and the blacks are spreading like a cancerous growth through 
out the entire area. Another victory for "integration,” In 
Detroit, 53% of public housing tenants are negroes although 
the City's negro population is only 19%. But they are not 
satisfied and are accusing the Housing Commission of "dis- 
crimination" in the selection of tenants. 

Southern Projects Now Threatened 

Projects in the North are not yet completely negroized. but 

made that 

dtli. A suit is pending ia 

asking that the court order its projects to be integrated, Th) 

NAACP has threatened the Houston, Texas, Housing Author- 
ity with court action unless it willingly integrates. This is 
only the beginning. 

St. Louis County Fights Public Housing 

Threatened with a public housing project at Jefferson 
Barracks in alTWhite South St. Louis County, the people 
acted. First a suit was filed asking plans for the project be 
halted. Failing in this, the County Council was asked to halt 
all operations. Defeated by a 3 to 2 vote, petitions were 
circulated to bring the question to a vote. In a short time 
nearly 21,000 signatures of registered voters were obtained 
and aTeferendum will be placed on the ballot next fall to 
abolish the St. Louis County Housing Authority altogether. 
If this proposal passes, there will be no public housing pro- 
jects built in St. Louis County. Unfortunately, the City of 
St. Louis has no connection with the County. Similar action 
Should be undertaken here to prevent the erection of any 
additional public housing. 

Public Housing a Failure 

Mayor Robert Wagner released an extensive six-month study 
of public housing in New York City. The study revealed: 
"Serious deterioration of the porjects; an enormous backlog 
of maintenance work to be done; too many undesirable fami- 
lies making for a hard core of problem tenants who cause 
serious trouble for their neighbors and the authority.” It 
concluded: "The City’s public housing projects bear many 
strong resemblances to the slums they were supposed to 

Write your Senators and Congressmen today to vote against 
any additional funds for public housing. Stop this harmful 
waste of the taxpayers' money. 

One reason negroes clamor for more and more cheap Govern- 
ment housing is the filth in which many of them live, such 
as the picture from Harlem shown above. They ignore the 
fact that houses don't turn themselves into slums - people do. 
Houses don't make the filth which litters negro slum areas - 
people do. Until City Health and Building Inspectors enforce 
the laws and courts begin handing down stiff penalties for 
violations, they will continue to turn their areas into slums. 
Then tliey demand White taxpayers build them new homes. 

The Rev, Milton Galamison, nepo President of the Brooklyn 
NAACP, goes over plans to racially integrate more New York 
schools with Mrs. Annie Stein, Education Chairman of the 
branch. Mrs. Stein is not a negro. Neither does she have 
children going to school. Her husband is Arthur Stein, who 
is not only a 5th Amendment Communist, but who has been 
accused by the House Committee on Cn-American Activities 
with being a recuiting agent for the Communist Party. 

13 Year Old White Girl Raped by negro 
in Basement of Integrated School 

The rape of a 13 year old White girl in the basement of a 
New York junior high school by a 15 year old negro, a fellow 
student, not only was sent out over the AP wires on Jan. 23, 
but brought renewed demands for the protection of children 
(especially White children) in New York City’s foul, racially 
integrated schools. School Supt., Jansen replied that there 
had been a uniformed policeman on duty in the school at the 
time the child was raped, but that ''he can’t be everywhere 
at once.” This brutal negro attack on a young White girl is 
just one of thousands of crimes committed by negroes against . 
Whites each year in the cesspools that New York’s integrated 
public schools have become. 

School Pregnancies In Alarming Climb 

In the first 2 months of school last fall, 1,250 pregnant, 
unwed girls 15 or under were dismissed from New York’s 
public schools. This is an alarming increase over other years. 
When asked for comment by the New York Daily News. School 
Supt., Jansen became furious that the information had leaked 
out and not only refused to discuss it but also ordered his 
staff members to ke^p mum. Naturally, it was not revealed 
how many of the 1,250 young girls were White or the race of 
the fathers, if the figures included girls 16, 17 and 18, the 
figure would be much higher. 

Grand* Jury Investigation 

Last November, Judge Samuel Liebowitz ordered a Grand 
Jury Investigation of lawlessness and terrorism in New 

York’s integrated schools. He also ordered an 
of why principals and teachers "clam up" about school crimes 
when police ask questions. The Judge charged the Grand 
Jury: "I call upon you to find out and^tell us how many hold- 
ups, intimidations and extortions have occured on public 
school premises: how many of these cases ever saw the light 
of day. HoW many young girls have been attacked on stairs 
by young degenerates: classes disrupted by hoodlums, 
school rooms and offices invaded by vandals who have made 
them shambles. Find out what is done to make the hoodlums 
check their artillery outside before coming to school." 

After a thorough investigation, the Grand Jury recommended 
uniformed policemen be assigned to all schools to patrol the 
corridors, the stairways and the recreation yards to "safe- / 
guard pupils and teachers from vicious elements and shock-/ 
ing incidents." It released crime figures (suppressed by the/ 
Board of Education) showing 1,280 arrests, 2,152 complaints 
of crimes and 2,572 cases of delinquency referred to the 
Juvenile Aid Bureau. All these arrests, crimes and deliii-/ 
quencies took place in or near New York’s integrated schools 
during the first 10 months of 1957. Crimes actually committe(j 
on school grounds included murders, rapes, felonious as/. ^ 
saults, narcotics, sodomies, burglaries and dangerous 

Integrated Schools Cause The Trouble 

New York's integrated schools have long been referred to 
as "blackboard jungles." With the increase of negroes and 
Puerto Rican negroes pouring into the City, has come a tre- 
mendous increase of crime and terror in the public schools. 
Some 907c of Puerto Ricans have negroid blood. The troubles 
now increasingly plaguing New York’s schools come from the 
integrated schools, not from those which are still largely 
segregated by virtue of being in White neighborhoods. School 
officials speak vaguely of "difficult schools," but fail to 
state that these "difficult schools" are either in all-negro- 
Puerto Rican or integrated districts and that they comprise 
about 25% of all elementary schools and nearly 33% of the 
junior high schools, not to mention High schools. The Board 
of Education suggests a dual system of education by estab- 
lishing a network of new schools and segregating the prob- 
lem students in these schools. 

Maurice Kessler, a 17 
year old negro, is brought 
into court to answer 
charges that he hurled 
liquid lye into a crowded 
class room at the Thomas 
Jefferson High School, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. The lye 
blinded one White boy, 
but doctors hope to be 
able to save his sight. 

Twenty others were spat- 
tered. The White boy, 

David Ozersky, had had 
the negro arrested 2 
weeks previously for 
molesting him sexually 
and the negro sought re- 
venge by attempting to 
blind him with the liquid 
lye. Chalk up another 
"victory** for racial in- 
tegration in the public 

Pregiicinciet Oiftw 

in New Tork^i 



The evil effects of pabllc school Integretloa ' ' 

dent in New York do not phase the mongrellzers kSo 
demand more and more mixing. Under the inceswftt 
prodding of the highly organized racial minority groups, 
led by the Urban League, the NAACP and their allies in- 
cluding the Communist Party, several schemes have been 
hatched to integrate every public school in New York City. 

The first scheme demanded by the Urban League and the 
NAACP was to transport negroes by bus and elevated trains 
many miles each day from their homes to all-White schools 
in different sections of the City. Whites were to be compelled 
to go to school in Harlem and other negro districts miles 
from their homes. That this is harmful to the children, both 
White and black, Is obvious, but race-mixers don't care about 
the children - they just want them integrated. Some 5,000 
negroes are now attending 60 formerly all-White schools in 
ofHor spctlons of the City. Many of them have to travel 8 and 
. j tmies each way in order for the privilege of getting in- 
tegrated with Whites. The Board of Education has refused 
to release any information on the number of White children 
forced to travel to Harlem each day. 

To justify this outrageous procedure, the Rev. Galamison 
(pictured on opposite page) said: ** Wholesome normal con- 
tact between the races is needed to destroy prejudices." 
What dhes he mean by "wholesome normal contacts" be- 
tween White girls and negro boys? He adds: "It seems to be 
a major concern of the anti-integrationists that if people 
have these ‘contacts' they may 'overcome these prejudices. 
They almost seem to be afraid that their children will get to 
like (or be like) negroes." 

Valerie Haw^kins, Education Director for the Urban League, 
strongly supported the carting of children all over the City 
each day. "When Whites force segregation through housing, 
it has the effect of stereotyping negro students as inferior. 

It is part of this stereotype that negro children have lower 
IQs and aren't good students," she said. Negro leaders real- 
ize negroes are inferior to Whites and hope by mixing in 
schools some of the Whites' intelligence, culture, behavior 
and morals will rub off on the blacks. They are not interested 
in the harm it does the White children. 

$15 000 000 Needed To Integrate 

Huiung utgrues in every White school in New York City 
and Whites in every negro school costs money. Appearing 
before the Board of Education, Edward S. Lewis, mulatto 
Executive Director of the Urban League of Greater New York, 
asked for an appropriation of 15,000,000 to "provide equal 
educational opportunities for our City’s minority children^ 
who have been educationally starved for decades." The 
additional money is needed to "implement the Board of Edu- 
cation's program for racially integrating the City's schools," 
he said. At the same time, the Urban League claims that 
school integration will "save money." 

Valerie Hawkins. Education Director for the Urban 
League of Greater New York, leads the fight against 
all-White neighborhoods, charging they foster segrega- 
ted schools. The Urban League in New York, as in 56 
other cities, is supported by "charity" funds. 

League Convention then unanimously voted to begin an "ag- 
gressive campaign" to put negroes into WhUe neighborhoods 
and housing projects. All this was done with the "charity" 
money the League receives from 57 Chests and Funds around 
the country, including New York City. 



The Urban League joined forces with the NAACP and other 
racial, communistic and church groups to pass a law in New 
York City making it illegal for a landlord to chose his own 
tenants. The law covers all privately owned housing in the 
City except 1 and 2 family houses. To move into .a White 
residential area, all a negro has to do is find a vacancy and 
move in. N^w York .still has City rent control so the landlord 
can't charge the negro any more than the previous White 
tenant paid. If, for any reason, the landlord refuses to rent 
to the negro, New York's Corporation Counsel can haul the 
landlord Into court in the name of the City. With this law, 
the Urban League hopes to put a negro in every block of the 

When there are no longer any White neighborhoods, there 
will no longer be any segregated schools. Mayor Wagner has 
signed this bill, called New York*s Answer to Little Rock, 
and it goes into effect April 1st. 


It is generally agreed that in spite of transporting school 
children all over the City, New York's schools could not be 
completely integrated as long as White neighborhoods re- 
mained. So. the mongrelizers got busy to destroy every White 
neighborhood in New York. Speaking at the Urban League’s 
National Convention in 1955. its then President Robert 
Dowling declared: "Racial integration in schools would be 
worthless unless neighborhoods are mixed." The Urban 

Integrationist Wagnej And Ills Children 

Incidentally, Mayor Wagner is all for integration - that is 
for everyone else except his children. Both of his own 
children go to all-White private schools, one in New Hamp- 
shire and the other in Scarsdale. N. Y. Hypocricy, where is 
thy sting? 

The Real Estate Board fought the vicious anti-White bill 
declaring: "This bill is a vicious and ill-advised piece of 
legislation, an unenforceable law and a complete denial of 
( Continued on page 8 ) 

Nightstick Broken 

Over negro’s Head 

Ch, jf censor S. iielffrich goes over an NBC-TV script with negro assistant THE End OF Officer Hugtj 

Arc3n Hill. The negress has been employed by NBC to delete anything that Smith's nightstick after aubduini 

mig/it be objectionable to the N A AC P. Harold Hayea. It is shown ij 

comparison to a soft drink bottler 

The National Broadcasting Company is the first TV network 

to appoint a negro Television Editor. For some time NBC has Patrolman Hugh Smith was summoned to Kingshighway & 

had what it calls a '^Continuity Acceptance Department'' to Easton, St. Louis, Mo., by a businessman who complained 
censor all scripts. Now Arden E. Hill, a negress, has been that a negro was using vile and insulting language to women 

added to the department to censor all scripts for material that waiting for a bus, some of whom were White. When the officer 

might be offensive to negroes. She will be responsible for told Harold S. Hayes, the negro, to stop using such language, 

the elimination of all offensive material from radio and TV he became abusive to the policeman. With that, Smith sought 

scripts and-lyrics submitted for presentation over NBC. to arrest him and the negro became violent, kicking and hit- 

Special attention is given to radically offensive epithets and ting the police officer. In the struggle that ensued, Smith 

roles that "tend to typify negroes and other minority groups was forced to use his nightstick and broke it over the negro's 

in a stereotyped fashion." head. The nightstick was a total ruin (see above), but the 

, negro wasn't even hurt. He was brought before police court 

This one negress evidently has the power and authority the following morning and fined $10() and costs on 2 charges 

to cut anything that she may deem objectionable to negroes. of peace disturbance. The NAACP is charging "police bru- 
it is a sorry state of affairs when a negro can decide what tality." Since a negro's skull is V 4 inch thicker than a White 

will or what will not be broadcast over the NBC Network. man’s, the St. Louis police should carry heavier billies. 


Pictured below, (1, - r.), are Governors Robert Holmes of 
Oregon, Stephen McNichols of Colorado, G. Mennen (Soapy) 
Williams of Michigan. Averell Harriman of New York. and 
Orville Freeman of Minnesota. Gov. Robert Meyner of New 
Jersey, not in the picture, also attended the conference. The 
Governors of Mass. Conn., Rhode Island, Penna. , Washington 

and Wisconsin sent representatives. All are Democrats ex- 
cept the Governor of Wisconsin. The conference was called 
by Governors Williams and Harriman to plot more anti-White 
Federal laws and to organize forces within the Democratic 
Party to fully commit the Party to an all-out anti-White negro 
"civil rights" fight. Of the 12 states listed above, 8 have 
little or no negro population. Yet, for cheap politics, these 
Governors have banned together to inflict anti-White laws not 
only on their own states, but the rest of the nation. 

The Governors called for passage of a Federal PEPC law; 
gave their full support to Eisenhower's new Civil Rights 
Commission and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice 
Department; asked other states to pass anti-White laws; 
planned new pro-negro measures to introduce in their own 
states and asked that Nixon's Committee on Government Con- 
tracts be given more money to enforce negro hiring and pro* 
motion in all firms doing business with the Federal Govern- 



Chicago’s Community Fund - Red Cross Joint Appeal not 
only supports the Urban I.eague, but is using inter-racial 
teams of children, such as pictured above, to solicit funds, 
Last fall’s drive, which is still continuing, seems destined 
to fail to reach its quota. The 1956 drive failed also, yet 
Fund leaders insist on continuing to support the Urban 
League and use inter-racial propaganda in their advertising. 

The negro Afro-American, Jan. 24. 1958 

" 1 

Boycott in South hurt 
Urban League branches 

NEW YOKE — Segregation- 
ist “hit-and-run boycotts” re- 
sulted in the separation of five 
Trhan League rho piers 

■ ^ t** 

at nng tne pasv year, according 
to the 1957 report of the Na- 
tional Urban League. 

Theodore W. Kheel, national 
League president, revealed that 
‘ a dozen other” local branches 
in Southern cities are “under 
constant attack.” 

Lester B. Granger, National 
Urban League director, said 
that the “hit-and-run” attacks 
range from withdrawal of fi- 
nancial support by “irresponsi- 
ble” mob leaders to the drop- 
ping of local leagues from the 
Community Chest rosters. 

LOCAL LEAGUES hit by the 
boycotts were listed by Mr. 
Granger as; Jacksonville, Fla., 
dropped from Chest after 1956 
boycott threat; Richmond, Va., 
“encouraged to resign”; New 
Orleans, dropped after being 
promised separate funds; Fort 
Worth, dropped without prior 

notification; and Little Rock, 
Ark., \oted withdrawal from 
Chest support after school dis- 

At the national level, the re- 
It c (and that Leatsuc 
sands of scurriious Vaflets and 
pamphlets have been distribu- 
ted by segregationists attempt- 
ing to .ipple Us work.” 

On the brighter side the re- 
port declared that league 
branches had continued to re- 
ceive financial and moral sup- 
port even in those communities 
where they had capitulated, and 
that as a result of its Commerce 
and Industry Council and its 
S *^th :rn Industry Project, the 
League was able to report job 
gains “in the face of vitriolic 
ri.ciai controversy.” 

Also cited was the hiring of 
colored -.nployees for the first 
time by a Kentucky firm with 
20 southern plants, and formal 
agreement between the League 
and the United Auto Workers 
for the handling of complaints 
of racial discrimination in em-i 



The Bl, Loius 1957 Tj.r;ii„ed Fund drive officially bega/3 C, v. 

8th althoug;: it had actually start’d 'niior- aarUer. p- 
months later, it wa,s still going on having raacia-j o dy 
’’about 90%” of its goal. In previous years, 3 weeks or 5 at 
the most were needed to raise the money. This time the Fund 
hasn’t been able to raise its quota in 4 months and it looks 
like the drive wrill continue indefinately. Of this ” about 90%” 
an official of the United Fund told The White Sentinel had 
been raised, most is in pledges to be paid monthly or quar- 
terly. The United Fund has notified Chests all over the coun- 
try that support of the Urban League has not hurt its money 
raising drives. That is not true. Why are Fund officials will- ^ 
ing to lie in defense of the Urban League? Why are they 
willing to harm the worthwhile agencies in order to continue 
giving the St. Louis Urban League $80,000 a year? 



Addressing the negro Elks, Postmaster General Summerfield 
said that 'Jim Crow’ and discrimination of negroes is being 
carefully and permanently eliminated from the Post Office 
Department. He revealed that in 1956 there were 112,000 ne- 
groes employed by the Department and that the Post Office 
has more negroes in white-collar and supervisory positions 
than any other department of the Government, "In 1955, alone, 
we upgraded more than 300' colored employees to supervisory 
positions in post offices, throughout the country." he said. 
He. gloated in the fact that negroes now hold positions of 
power and responsibility in the Department. Many negroes 
now boss White employees such as the General Foreman at 
Seattle, Wash., first Senior Assistant Supt., in New York City, 
the foreman assigned to floor work at Baltimore’s Main Post 
Office, etc. 

Summerfield is negroizing the Post Office Department with 
the resultant loss of efficiency and lowering the morale of 
White workers. The Post Office goes deeper in the red each 
year and now wants large postal increases. What a price to 
pay for integration. At a recent civil service examination for 
post office employment held in St. Louis, there were 38 ne- 
groes and only 2 Whites. The 2 Whites became so disgusted 
they refused to even take the examination and walked out. 
Postal service is declining and deficits are mounting, but 
Summerfield and the Administration are happy because negroes 
are getting special treatment and privileges. What matter how 
the Post Office is run as long as Ike gets the negro vote. 

Cora Brown of Detroit, a negress, is sworn in as Special 
Assistant General Council of the U. S. Post Office Depart- 
ment by General Council Abe McGregor while Postmaster 
General Arthur Summerfield looks on approvingly. Cora was 
formerly a Democratic State Senator, but quit the Democratic 
Party when she failed to be nominated for Congress and be- 
came a Republican. 



ty Thm^ 

<Mty H*U (««« 


ferlKsisiiia prm 


j'ui.7 Vi-A'Cfc,. t>U; to IjUJ wa3 

pUooTiht i«d until after liie City Kiectioas 

in Noveni>er and then pas^jed. The unorgajii- 
zed White nmjority was no match for the 
highly organized racial minorities, the Com- 
munists, and the churches, who always co- 
operate with the Communists on any question 
involving negroes. The ivlvate propetty 
owner in New York City no longer has the 
right to decide whom be will rent his own 
property to. 

Whites Fleeing City 

The effect of compulsory integration has 
been a mass exodus of Whites from the City. 
In the past 7 years, New York's White popu- 
lation has declined by 720,000 while negroes 
and Puerto Ricans have increaised by 615,000. 
Percentage-wise, non-Whites have increased 
from 12^ to nearly 21%. Charles Abrams, 
Chairman of the State Commission Against 
Discrimination predicted: ''For some years 
to come, we can expect that the non-White 
population will continue to grow rapidly, 
both through a continuing high birth rate and 
a continuing in-migration." In the meantime 
New York City is practically bankrupt and 
Mayor Wagner is desperately appealing to the 
State Legislature to grant the City additional 
operating funds. The prospects for New York, 
called the richest city in the world, look 
very dim indeed. What a price it is paying 
for racial integration! 

Remember Little Rock 

The White citizens of New York City are 
too cowed, too intimidated, too unorganized 

ABMED FORCES; Not j^igfiecWlth the 
kftft the A||g^ 

$0»tlb||Ni« the HAACW M m fa 

rnmm i&0 Abotit 

olftfiil negro olfleers 

for pfcmot-o , ic- top mlUtary posts ai'id a 
probe of wh^ir it calls * 'discrimination at 
overseas bases." 

will strongly back attempts to expand and 
extend Federal public housing projects. 

FINANCE: Several lawmakers plan to ^k 
for a probe of Southern banks under Federal 
protection which are accused of withdrawing 
credit and loans to NAACP agents and race- 
mixing trouble-makers. 

Javits said he will introduce a bill "authori- 
zing the Attorney General to bring injunctive 
proceedings to enforce civil rights in 
general." A similar move was defeated last 

INTERSTATE: New laws will be asked to 
guarantee non-discrimination in interstate 


Federal Aid to Education bill with its anti- 
segregation rider will be pushed again this 

NAACP wants more negroes employed by the 
Government and is asking for a examination 
of Civil Service policy regarding the em- 
ployment of negroes. About 25% of all Post 
Office Department employees are already 

munity, you can aid in keeping young pec^ 
Noil bOiM brai»»#«iiahed by tl» Mbo-mixeiis 
Rememket Liith ko<M 


To T W hi(e . 

I am sending the enclosed Reuters diapatc 
from London which in all probability mm no 
carried in your papers; "A dalsfkira^^ i 
standards of behavior and imrala o#Nig t 
increasing inter-maniage between dNIeren 
races may be one of the probkerei orthefotun 
Sir Alfred Bossom, Chairman of the Roya 
Society of Arts, said today. Boasom, glvln 
his Inaugural address at the 204th sesaks! 
forecast the changes which the world wll 
see in the next 100 years. 'Looking ahead 
the revolution most startling to the avetagt 
person may well be that in social relation 
ships,' he saia. 

"With the stupendous increase of the 
world's population and the progressive In 
crease of non-Whites over the Whites, tund 
Influenced by the unlimited ability to trave 
temporarily or for permanent mirations, inter 
marriage between people of different racia 
stocks will Increasingly become the usua 
thing. Consequently, these mixed socia 
traditions in families will most likely be 
accompan ied by the deter ioration in standards 
of behavior and morals, ond a lessening ol 
the appreciation of the finer graces of life." 
(Emphasis by WS) 

This is what you good people of The White 
Sentinel have been saying for years and 
finally a noted and brilliant scholar publicb 
agrees with you. 

A firm believer in White Supremacy 

to oppose the evil designs of the race-mixers 
who, like termites, are destroying the founda- 
tions of a once great and mighty city. Racial 
integration is corrupting and eating the very 
heart out of New York. Yet, from this mon- 
grelized, racial hodgepodge came the 'most 
violent outcries against the brave" parenta of 
Little Rock who bared their breasts to Fed- 
eral bayonets sent to force th«tm Into accep- 
ting racial integration. They were fighting 
for their children, their homes, their commu- 
nity. their way of life. They were fighting 
against the crime, corruption, immorality and 
degredatlon which follow integration like 
the "grim reaper." White Ameiica will le- 
roeraber Little Rock. It will remember the 
Federal bayonets and who sent them. The 
courageous action of the people of Little 
Rock has crystalized and solidified opposi- 
tion to race-mixing integration. Little Rock 
was the turning point In the bsittle for racial 
purity, for a Free, White America. 



An attorney in Washington State . a Baptist 
minister in Alabama and others have inquired 
about fexming White Youth GounciLs in their 
communities. This youth movement should 
grow and expand rapidly. The need is great 
and unless our youth is reached with the 
message of racial purity, we shall awaken 
one day to find that our youth has been lost 
to us. The integrators are concentrating their 
efforts on capturing the White youth. This 
must be resisted and fought. By helping to 
establish a White Youth Council in your com- 

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword ..yiide 
distribution of T e White Sentinel and the 
White American News Service will aid 
White America. 


10 copies $1.00 100 copias $6.50 

1000 cop^ias $40.00 

Order from the National Citireni Protective 
Association, P. 0. Box 156, or 3154a So Vh 
Grand, St. Louis^ Missouri. 




The Administration, having got Its fingers 
burned at Little Rock and the subsequent 
November elections. Is far from enthusiastic 
about introducing any new "civil rights" bill 
this year. However, certain left-wing, pro- 
negio Senators and Representatives plan to 
Introduce a number of bills such as the 

AGRICULTURE: The negro press states: 
"There may be bills to amend the Govern- 
ment's soil bank program which has resulted 
•in the forced withdraw 1 of thousands of negro 
farmers from the South 

“Official Organ of the NatiaruU Citizens Protective Association” 
P. 0. Box 156 St, Louis 3, Mo. 



City Zone State 

Ratos: $3.00 a y«or - 2 yoars $5.00, Publlshod Monthly 
Tho White American News Service^ publishod monthly, Is olso inelvdod 
with your subscription to The White Sentinel 

FD-36 (Rev. 12-13-56) 




DATE 05^06-2011 BY 60324 UCBA1/3AE/SB3 

F B I 


Transmit the following in _ 



(Type in plain text or code) 


(Priority or Method of Mailing) 


^ ^ ^ fe^pecml Agent in Charge 


M Per 

FD-36-^Rev. 5-22-64) 



DATE 05™06™2011 BY 60324 UCBAW/SAE/SBB 

F B I 

Date: 11/17/65 


the following in 


(Type in plaintext or code) 




FROM: SAC, jT. LOUIS (157-582) 


“ ^ 

Enclosed are eight copies of a LHM concerning 
a scheduled meeting of the above-captioned organization, 
which plans to have Sheriff JAMES CLARK of Selma, Alabajna , 
speak in St, Louis on 11/20/65. 

Enclosed LHM is being marked. 
inagitnif^h a ,w it contains information from[ 



confidential informants of continuing value, 
the identification of which would compromise their future 

The sources used in the LHM are 


The Bureau will be kept advised. 

Bureau (ENCi 
1 - St . Louifc-*^1i0^ 

g 2 ow. 


How Toiw 



* * * i ^ 




DATE QS-06-Z011 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

In Replj/, 

Please Refer St. Louis, Missouri 

to File No. 

November 17, 1965 


A source advised that in October, 1964, John H. 
Sutherland, a. 3t . Louis attornej/, was endeavoring to organ- 
ize a group that he called the St. Louis Metropolitan Area 
Citizens Council; that Reverend Barlow has now taken over 
Sutherland’s position as president; that Barlov/ has hired 
the Kiel Auditorium in St, Louis for a public meeting on 
the evening of November 20, 1965, at which Sheriff James 
Clark of Selma, Alabama, v/as to be the principal speaker; 
and that Barlow ha.s announced that no Negroes would be ad- 

On September 19, 1965, a.n article in the St . Louis 
Post - Dispatch newspaper reported an interview with Reverend 
¥« low ,.. Pastor of Ca.l va .rjv_Bar> ±— Tabernacle . . an inde- 

pen dfsnT”Bapt 1st Church, Sllis'ville, Missouri, identified 
as the new president of “t'K^St , ijouis clTa^flT'" of the White 
Citizens Council, in which Barlov; stated that an organizing 
campaign was to be started to set up chapters in other Missouri 
cities; that he stated that pi*ospects for grov/th in Missouri 
are excellent; and that the two principal objectives of the 
council are ’’states' rights and racial integrity.” 

An article 
of November 11, 1965 

in the St. L ou i s Pos t-Dispatch issue 
reported” that the Municipal Auditorium. 

Commission, v;hich regulates the use of Kiel Auditorium, had 
canceled Barlow's reservations for the November 20, 1965, 
aieeting on the ground.s that its use b]/ a seg.i^egat ionist group 
would contTcivene the law of the clt 3 ?. 

This document contains 
of the FBI. It is the 
to 3 ;our agency; it and 
outside your agency. 

neither recommendations nor conclusions 

property of the FBI and is loaned 

its contents are not to be distributed 


/ .mr- 

m ai 


. Audi tor itiis and tha.t legal a.ctton to determine the con- 
rational itjr of the ciir/’s la.w that prohibits segregated 
:iiigs of any liind in Kiel Auditoriujn v/as being considered 

On November 16, 1965, a. group iclsntif yiiig itself 
'riends of SNCC distributed flyers on the Washington Uni- 
;ity, St, Louis, Missouri, campus, -a/hich read aa follows: 


"On Sa.turda.y, November 20, Sheriff Jim Clark 
from SELMA, ALABAMA will speak at a, meeting spon- 
sored by the White ^itiEeiis Comicil of St. Louis, 
an avid racist grouo. This meeting has been re~ 








id r 

a c X 


t : 
















c ^ and a, 

mong we 


Nat ional 

O -.J- r* ■+• ,o C 

1-.J t, U 'w hj 

• .R.ights 




Society . 

Be can 


of an enforcement of a city ordinance prohibiting 
such discriBiina,tion in public buildings, by Ma.yor 
Cerva.ntes, the meeting will .not be held in Kiel 
Auditorium, but elsewhere in the city. Hov;ever, 
we shall register a. protest for freedom to Slier if .f 
Jim Clark wherever he may speak!!! 

"We, a.s co.ncerned students and. St, Louis 
citiseaSf voicing our protest to the segr»?-f~ 
gationest bruta.lities and atrocities concerned 
with the actions of Sheriff Jira Cla..r?s. He has 
used his 'nightstick, pistol and czittle prod' 
to attack human beings as if they were a.nini£ . 

0. u March 7, 1965, before the to Montgomerie 
March, he used t.hese bloodj' ta.ctics to turn back. 
Negroes as they attempted to cro,s;5 the E.d:<nund 
Pettus .Bridge .from Selma, to hi.gmva.'y -SO leading 
to Montgomery. to the St. Louis Post- 
Dispatcli_ MC'V. 9, 'the 220 pound Shei-lff Clark 
arrested said ja.iled hundreds of Nsgroe.s who tz'ied 
to register in Dallas County in the weeks prec ee d - 

1. ng the Selma, to Mo.ntgomery March, ' 

_. o .. 


*’We are protesting his brutal attac.k on de- 
fenseless huamns and demand dignity and 
respect for every American citizen. We backed 
bv' the most vital documents of the United States, 
the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We fecTl 
it is our dvity as citizens to show Jim Cla.r5? tha.t 
we v/ill not stand idly by and allow liim to spread 
his racist policies throughout the United States 
without opposition. He is in the ml-uorit^/ and 
we must show him this b 3 ' sxirpassing the attendance 
of his meeting bjr our own pickets. We call on 
all concerned American citizens to support the 
cause of huma.n dignity and equality and join lus 
in this protest!.';*' 

A source advised that at a. meeting of the Communist 
Party of . Miss^yjiri , Industrial Area,, .held on November 15, 

1965, He rsnej^y a I ke r , C ha i rma -n->Q^--4; Ce^?Hfl'U^A-sA-.HarJb.^o. 
Missouri, a.n!&junced that as many Communist Partjr member 
■a.?' 'd'ajn''do so should take cart in the picketing of Sheri 

Clark, and tha.t Ro,na, ja.ndberg , - co-ordia alnr— af— St 

Lou is W, E. B. iHr 5mr3*‘TTrub . . -who was present at the meeting, 
'^t'a'ted thaT^he had twelve white i.ndividuals who »,rs going 
to picket Sheriff Clark and that he wants to get an equal 
number o:f Negroes to take part in the picketing. 

A characterization of- 
■Bois Club is attached. 

The above information 

- It- 

-i- V*' * . 

. B . Du 




e , 






h 5 m 


A source has advised that a member of the Communist 
Party (CP) of Missouri attended a conference in Chicago, 
Illinois, on December 28-29, 1963, for the purpose of initiating 
a "call"' to the new youth organization, and plan for a 
founding convention to be held in June, 1964. The expenses 
for this trip, as well as the expenses of two delegates to 
the founding convention of the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America 
(DCA) held from June 19th to 21st, 1964, at 150 Golden Gate 
Avenue in San Francisco, California, were paid for by the 
CP of Missouri . 

A second source has advised that the organizing 
of a DCA Club in St, Louis was done at the direction and 
financial assistance of the CP of Missouri. MIKE ZAGARELL, 
National CP Youth Director; MORTIMER DANIEL RUBIN, National 
CP Organizational Director; and CLAUDE LIGHTFOOT, member of 
the National CP Committee, while in St, Louis have met with 
members of the St, Louis DCA Club to discuss its status and 

The second source also advised that approximately 
twelve young people met on March 7, 1965, in St. Louis, and 
organized the DCA St. Louis Club. They elected officers and 
executed an application for a charter and membership in the 
National DCA. Two of the elected officers of the St. Louis 
Club are members of the CP of Missouri. 

Since its inception, the St. Louis Club DCA has 
been under the complete influence, domination and control 
of the Missouri CP. 





) A source has advised that on October 26-27, 1963, 
a conference of members of the Communist Party (CP) , including 
National Functionaries, met in Chicago, Illinois, for- the 
purpose of setting in motion forces for the establishment of 
a new national Marxist oriented youth organization which would 
hunt for the most peaceful transition to socialism. The 
delegates to this meeting were cautioned against the germ of 
anti-Soviet and anti-CP ideologies. These delegates were also 
told that it would be reasonable to assume that the young 
socialists attracted into this new organization would eventually 
pass into the CP itself. 

A second conference of over 20 persons met in 
Chicago on December 28-29, 1963 for the purpose of initiating 
a "call" to the new youth organization and planning for a 
founding convention to be held. in June, 1964. 

A second source has advised tl^at the founding con- 
vention for the new youth organization was held from June 19-21, 
1964 at 150 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, California, at 
lyhich time the name W.E.B. DU BOIS CLUBS OF AMERICA was 
adopted. Approximately 500 delegates from throughout the 
United States attended this convention. The aims of this 
organization, as set forth in the preamble to the constitution, 
are, "It is our belief that this nation can best solve its 
problems in an atmosphere of peaceful co-existence, complete 
disarmament and true freedom for all peoples of the world, 
and that these solutions will be reached mainly through the 
united efforts of all democratic elements in our country, 
composed essentially of the working people allied in the 
unity of Negroes and other minorities with whites. We further 
fully recognize that the greatest threat to American democracy 
comes from the racist and right wing forces in coalition with 
the most reactionary sections of the economic power structure, 
using the tool of anti-communism to divide and destroy the 
unified struggle of the working people. As young people in 
the forces struggling for democracy, we shall actively strive 
to defeat these reactionary and neo-fascist elements and to 
achieve complete freedom and democracy for all Americans, 
thus enabling each individual to freely choose and build the 
society he would v/ish to live in. Through these struggles 
we feel the American people will realize the viability of 
the socialist alternatives " 


Appendix , (Cont ' d) 

V/,E.Bs DuBois Clubs of America 

The constitution further states that this new 
organization shall be a membership organization open to 
individuals, or if five or more people so desire, a chaptei’ can 
be fonned which shall in turn be guided by the policies and 
principles of the parent organization. 

As of October, 1965, the headquarters of the DCA was 
located at 954 McAllister Street, San Francisco, California. 

Over the Labor Day weekend, 1965, the DCA held a 
conference in Chicago, Illinois. According to a third source, 
a nev/ slate of national officers was elected at this conference, 
which included Chairman Hugh Sterling Fowler, II (who, according 
to the third source, attended a CP cadre encampment held at 
Camp Midvale, New Jersey, in June, 1965, and following his 
election as Chairman of the DCA, attended another national 
CP cadre youth conference held on September 9-12, 1965, on a 
farm located in Northern Indiana, according to a fourth source); 
Director of Publicity Carl Ellenger Bloice (who was elected to 
the San Francisco County Committee CP in April, 1964, according 
to a fifth source); Educational Director Matthew "Dynamite" 
Hallinan (who in June, 1964, was stated to be the Youth 
Representative on the Northern California CP District Board, 
according to a sixth source) ; Organizational Secretary 
Tei’ence "Kayo" Hallinan (who, according to a seventh source, 
met in June, 1965, with the District Staff of the Illinois CP 
to discuss the proposed DCA Midwest Summer Project) , and 
Treasurer Susan Phyllis Borenstein (who, according to an 
eighth source, has attended meetings of the Youth Club of 
the CP of Illinois during 1965 in connection with the DCA 
Summer Project), 



DATE 05-06-2011 BY 60324 UCBAY/SAB/3B3 


JiKPOirriNS opricc 








1 / 10 - 20/66 





REFERENCE: St. Louis airtel to the Bureau, dated 11/17/65' 




- P* - 

i * 

f V , ■/ v' V V.. / 

ii U '0\. J '\T , 



Will follow and report activities of c 
organization in three months. 


V' r V 
capl i6ned‘'^J 

' V 

’ 'VV-' 




Bureau (RM) 

1 - ONI, Chicago (RM) 

1 - AC of S, G-2, Chicago (RM) 

1 - Region VI, 113th INTC Group, 

St. Louis (RM) 

2 - 12D, OSI, CAFB,;ill. (RM) , 

1 - Secret Service','*St .Louis (RM) 

2 - Jackson (RM) 

1 - Kansas City (Info.J (RM) 

3 St. Loui s (157-58 2 ) 



S KtB 4 «6 




OA/ APR^/W/a 

; niimM «mci ift— TUN-l 

FD-204 (Rev. 3-»-6») 



DATE 05-06-2011 BY 60324 LTCBAN/3AB/3B3 


1 - ONI, Chicago (RM) 

1 - AC of S, G-2, Chicago (RM) 

1 - Region VI, 113th INTC Group, St. Louis (RM) 

Copyto! 2 - 12D, OSI, Chanute Air Force Base, Illinois (RM) 

1 - Secret Service, St. Louis (RM) 


January 25, 1966 

Field Office Fite No.t gj^ 157—582 Bureau File No.; 



Synopm: g.^ ^ Louis Metropolitan Area Citizens' Couii^l (SLMACC) 

sponsored organizational meetings in 1964-65. / Rev. WILLIAM C. 
BARLOW, Pastor of /Calvary Baptist Tabernacle, Elllsvllle, 

Mo., is Chairman./ SLMACC is autonpmous but affiliated with/ 
Citizens* Councils of Am^ica, Plaza Building, Jackson, Miss. 
SLMACC headquarters mail received at Ppst Office Box 9683, 
Kirkwood, Mo., 63122. '/Organizational act^lpn prpgram calls 
for maintenance of racial integrity, defense erf States* 

Rights, and repeal of the Civil Rights Act. t/SLMACC circu- 
lated petition opposing repeal of Missouri law prphlbltlng 
intermarriage of Negroes and whites, and its speaker, 

Chairman BARLOW, appeared before legislature hearing^ at 
State Capitol, Jefferson City, Mo., in ppposition. j^fficial 
publication is the "St. Louis Metropolitan Citi^eiT' with 
address of Post Office Box 9683, Kirkwood, Mo. i/. 

- P* 


This document contains neltfc@f recoGnmendattens nor eonelosloUB of the FBL tt is the propertr of the FBI 

^ MntjiMiA VAHV aoMftew. 

and Is loaned to pm 

r} B esii 

SL 157-582 



On January 14, 1966, SL T-1 advised that the headquarters 
of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area Citizens' Council (SLMACC), is 
Post Office Box 9683, Kirkwood, Missouri; that the SLMACC does 
not have a residence headquarters as meetings when called are held 
in rented locations. 


On September 29 , 1964 , SL T-2 furnished a copy of a form 
letter addressed, '’Dear Patriot" and signed, "Organization Committee... 
St. Louis Metropolitan Area Citizens* Council, John H. Sutherland 
Temporary Chairman; Mary G. Burns Temporary Secretary", which were 
mailed to residents of the St. Louis metropolitan area. They bore 
the letterhead "St. Louis Metropolitan Area Citizens' Council 
Orga.nization Committee, St. Louis, Missouri." The letter announced 
that a group of local citizens had been quietly meeting together 
to explore what had happened to the personal liberties previously 
taken fur granted and all agreed that "we are deep in the throes 
of minority rule": that forgotten men got that way by failing to 
heed the admonition of the Great Seal of Missouri, "United we 
stand, divided we fall." The letter stated that the best way to 
regain majority rule waste have one strong locally autonomous organization 
built along non-partisan lines and geared to make the local and 
national politicians listen; that this was the plan of the Citizens^ 
Councils of America, and that it was proving its effectiveness in 
ccmmlinities across the country. The letter announced that an 
organizational meeting would be held on October 10, 1964, in the 
hall of the Electrical Workers, Local #1, 5850 Elizabeth Avenue, 

St. Louis, Missouri, at 8:00 PM, at which time guest speakers would 
be JOSEPH MC DOWELL MITCHELL, Field Director for the Citizens* 

Councils of Maryland, Washington, D. C. , and Virginia; and LOUIS W. 
HOLLIS, Executive Director, Citizens* Councils of America. The 
letter had attached to it a tear-off portion which was to be mailed 
to JOHN H. SUTHERLAND, Gravois Station, Post Office Box C, St. LOUls, 
Missouri, on which the recipient was to indicate whether or not he 

*• 2 *** 

SL 157-582 

would be present and the names of any friends that v/ouid accompany 
the recipient. • ' : 

a see ting 
Local #1 . 




Couocil in St. Louis 
125 persons and was 
Patent Attorney who 

October 13 , 1964, SL T-3 advised that the SLMACC held 
October 10, 1964, at the .hall of the Blectrical ' VYorkers 
Louis, Missouri; to endeavor to O-rgaiiise a Citizens’ 
'I'issouri, which was attended by approximately 

nresided over by JOHN H. 
talked briefly about the 

Hsgro problem in 

on several occasions stated that' there was 




Uriited St ate . s, ai 

possibility in the near future of having Governor GEORGE C. WALLACE 
of .Alabama appear In St. Louis; that he then introduced JOSEPH 
MC BOllLL MITCHELL who spoke upon desegregation’, of. -rschools, ' failings ' 
of the U. S. - Supreme Court , farm subsidies, and attacked the- Peace 
'Corps . The other speaker was Dr „ MEDFORD EVANS \ .Consultant,, Citizens 
Councils of America, and author of the book , . ' “The. Secret War ''for -the 
ft' Bomb, ” whose purpose 'for attending the n.eeting ■ we.s - to direct. :" 
orgaBiasing efforts of the SLMACC. Iiiforraan't .stated that .®®ffibe.r'ship 
..applications were distributed, and persons present were urged to 
return tiieia with $2 rsaonthly dues.. ' ■ ' . : 

0.?5 December 9. 1964, SL T-'l advised that 'an brgsjiizatipnal 
meeting of the SLMACG .was held at 8:00 'PM on December 4 , 1964 , at ' ' 

the American Legion Ball , 7800 Olive Street -Road., - St, . Louis', ' Missouri., *2. 
at 'which time the speaker was THURMAN SENSING, Executive Vice President 
Southern States' Industrial Council, Nashville , Tennes.see . who read, a 
speech on .racism that he wrote in 195'?. 

The May 1, 1965, issue of the.."St.- Louis PGst“Di:?patc.h". 
newspaper reported that the SLMACC had sponsored an organising 
.'meeting held on April 30, 1965 , at the American -Legion Hall, Post 4.00, 
Highway .141 and Gravois Road, Fenton , Missouri , at which LESTER ..MADDOX, 
Atlanta, Georgia, segregat ionist who owned the Pickrick . Restaurant in 
Atlanta, Georgia, was the principal speaker. 

On May 4,. 1965, SL T-1 adv'ised that the .SL?LACC contemplated 
circulating a petition to collect signatiire.s urging the Missouri 

Legislature not to repeal the law prohibiting, intermarriage between . 
whites and Negroes . Informant stated that the members of this t 
organization were fighting among themselves and that the' organization- 

was lio-t growing. 

SL 157-582 

SL T-4 advised that a re-orgaaizational meeting of 

the SLMACC was scheduled to be held in September , 1965, but 
that only two members attended the meeting; that it was there- 
fore postponed and a meeting to reconstitute the SLMACC was' 
held in November , 1965, to get thr group functioning again. 

The September 19, 1965, issued of the "St. Louis Post- 
Dispatch" newspaper reported an interview with Reverend WILLIAM C. 
BARLOW conducted on September 18, 1965, which identified BARLOW 
as the new president of the SLMACC, replacing JOHN H, SUTHERLAND 
who had resigned because of his business commitments. BARLOW 

stated that as the new president he planned to endeavor to form 
chapters in the larger cities in Missouri ; that the SLMACC was 
concerned over the trend toward anarchy in the United States 
under the leadership of MARTIN LUTHER KING, head of the Southern 
Christian Leadership Conference organization who BARLOW stated 

was under the 

of a Christian minister largely responsible 

for the law breaking , looting and ravishing now prevalent in the 
United States: that KINO and President LYNDON B. .. JOHNSON were 
equally responsible for the Los Angeles , California, riots. 
BARLOW said the Civil Rights agitation was largely Communist 
inspired and praised the police in ail areas for the restraint 

they have shown in the face of unbelievable provocation by Negro 
mobs who cursed , spit upon and otherwise taunted, officers of the- 
law. He stated that KING had proclaimed that his subjects would 
not obey any laws they considered unjust ; that they would decide 
for themselves what was good and what was bad; that President 
JOHNSON is equally responsible for not telling KING differently 
and then telling the American people that the laws of the. country 
will be obeyed . BARLOW stated that the two principal objectives 
of the SLMACC are States’ Rights and Racial Integrity; that the 
Bible teaches racial separation but the United States courts now' 
made up of politically appointed left wingers have ignored the 
fact that they have violated the religious freedtm of millions 
of Americans by forcing them into integrated situations. 

On November 20 , 1965, SL 'IV3 advised that the' SLMACC 
sponsored a meeting held at the St. Louis Baptist Temple , 4249 
Gibson , St. Louis, Missouri , on November 20, 1965; that Sheriff 
JA.MBS G. CLARK of Selma, Alabama, was the principal speaker and 

SL 157-582 

that the meeting was attended by approxistiateiy 3 50 persons; that 
LOUIS BOLLIS, Director of the Citizvens' Councils of America 

was also present; that approx imate 1 y 175 demonstrators picketed 
the meeting . Informant stated that CLARK ' charged that the Civil 
Rights ' movement was inspired by Communists ‘and defended his 
handling' of the Civil Rights movements in. Selma, Alabama. 

X 1 


On December 16, 1964,’ SL T-4 advised that the SLMACC 
distributed a leaflet setting out the following five-point action 

”1. Prevent Ra.ce“Mj liing . Racial integrity is essential 
to civil iziat ion and liberty. , The fate of the white 
man (and woman) in the Congo and other new .African 
nations is a stern warning'. 

'''2. Avoid Violence, Experience has proved that where 
iiitegr.ation occurs, violence becomes inevitable. 
Peaceful. ope,ration ■ of segregated schools in the 
South proves that social sep 3 >ration of the races 
is for ail concerned. - 

”3, Mai.atair; and Restore Legal Segregation, .^.s growing, 
disorder in Northern cities ,s.hows , if .segregation 
brea.ks down, the social structure breaks down. 

The Cojamunists hope to achieve disiretegration 
through integratiorj in America' 

■ ’ ’ T 

’''4. Defend States* Eights. The states are the source 

of all governmental power, local and Federal, Under 
the Tenth Amendment , the states .have t.he reserved 
power to decide questions of segregation, B'’ederal 
usurpation of any such power is a vio3.atiori of the 

*■'5, Gor.rect the Court and the Congress. Both the Supreme 
Court ^Black Monday' decision and the Congressional 
•'Civil Rights' Act are obviously un-CoRstitutionai , 


SL 157-582 

"based on false ’science' in mockery of the law. 

If they stand, social segregation and laws against 
intermarriage aredoomed. Such a prospect is 
intolerable I The 'Black Monday* decision must 
he reversed, the 'Civil Rights' Act repealed!" 

The above leaflet also bore a caption,' "What is the 
Citizens’ Council doing?”, and listed the following; 

'*IT IS. . . . ' ' 

"Preserving Racial Segregation, and maintaining the, :■ 
the rights of states, local communities and individual 
citizens to govern themselves, free from Federal tyrasiny 
and coercion. 

''Leading the Resistance Movement against, the .race- 
mixers, and keeping advocates of racial strife out .of. many •” 

communities. ' 

"Protecting Our Sacred Heritage of Freedom from those 
who would submit free .Americans to. thought control, and who. 
constantly utilize the national comijranica.tioh.s media, as\ . 
propaganda outlets in their , frenzied attempts to force 
Americans into a totalitarian pattern of regimentation 
and conformity, 

"'Bringing Together groups of patriotic men arid women 
dedicated to the principles of individual freedom of choice 
and racial purity. 

"Organizing Local Citizens’ Councils on a grassroots 
basis, with recognized community leadership for each 
autonomous group. 

"Providing Speakers for Council meetings, civic and 
patriotic- groups , legislative and executive bodies , . schools , 
colleges and conventions. , ' . 

"PreservirAg Our Social and Economic Order by acting 
quietly and without fanfare, effectively and responsibly, 
to prevent racial strife. 

.. 6 » 

SL 157-582 

"Molding Public Opinion through the movement's official 
publication, 'The Citizen, ’ a monthly magazine with nation- 
wide circulation which is the authoritative source of informa- 
tion on the Council movement's plans and policies . 

"Taking the Truth to the Nation on TV and radio through 
weekly Citizens' Council Forum programs scheduled on hundreds 
of stations from coast to coast, which feature interviews with 
Senators, Cotgi’essraen and other national leaders. 

"Forming Strong Organizational Ties, by banding together 
local Citizens' Councils into county, state and national 
organizations for mutual consultation, advice and coordination. 

"Distributing Literature on ail aspects of the race question 
sending millions of copies to all parts of the nation. 

"Condtctlirg an Educational Program in high schools and 
colleges, including an annual essay contest and the formation 
of youth groups . 

'■'Corresponding with thousands of supporters in every state 
and m&tiy foreign countries. 

"Accomplishing much on a limited budget, and demonsti-ating 
conclusively that the movement's continued grovvth and success 
is lifii-ited only by the financial svipport received. 

"Making- a Record of Achievement of which all can be justly 
proud, getting the most out, of every dollar, and mobilizing 
solid comm’.mity resistance to foixed integration. 

"Proving again and again, day by day, that with adequate 
financing, we can aind will win this fight !«•■■ 

"Urging YOU to Join the Fight — - to join with others who 
are dedicated to the preservation of the white; race — and to 
give your moral and financial support to help condiict the kind 
of thorough, aggressive and sustained campaign needed to ‘^VINI 

"E’or additional information contact your local 

Council office or: 

7 - 

"CITIZENS' COUNCIL, Plasa Building, Jac&son, Mississippi, or 
’''Gravois Station, P. 0. Box C, St. Louis, Missouri 63116." 


Or December 16, 1964, SL T“1 advised that the 
BLMACC distributed a leaflet at organizational meetings captioned, 

’*Wtiy Must St. Louis Metropolitan Area Organize?"', prepared by 
the Organization Cominiittee , SLMACC, St. Louis, Missouri, which 
set out the following questions and answers which it indicated 
w-as fo'r white residents of St. 'Louis who sincerely believe that 
States’.' Rights and racial segregation must be preserved for the 
■best and good order of our country and for our children's frttures. 

"Q = What is the present racial situation in .St. F.,ouis? 

”A - For the past several years, local white 'moderates* 
have attempted to appease the o.rganized colored agitation 
groiips arid with tragic results I Their weii-iiitentloned 
efforts have served only to whet the agitators' insatiable ■ 
appetites for power. Like Hitler and Khrushchev the 
col'lectivists have announced their program. They will 
settle for nothing less than total integration of every 
residential area, every social gathering, and every privately- 
owned busine.s.s enterprise! The white majority must act before 
state coercion prevents us from doing sol 

"Q - What can be accomplished by .’-organizing a St. Louis 
Metropolitan Area Citizens’ Council? Will • it make my efforts 
more effective in preserving Individual freedom and the constitu- 
tional right to segregation? 

'■A A strong Citizens' Council in St. Louis, with thousands 

of members and capable leadership, can restore harmony, and 

st.ability to race relations in our community We must build 
a full-time organization in St. Louis, capable of maintaining 
an office and- being always alert to efforts to integrate our 


"Q *• Why organize a. Citizens* Council? Aren’t there 
already too many organizations in St. Louis. 



*'A Effectiveness of the Citizens' Council :moveraent 
is shown by results throughout the nation. Communities 
with strong Citizens’ Councils have maintained freedom of 
choi.ce in racial matters., while unorganised cities have 
surrendered supinely. During the past 10 years, the Citizens' 
Councils have demonstrated that organization is the key to 
victory! Our St. Louis Metropolitan Area Citizens* Council 
will enable every dedicated white resident of this area to 
unite effectively in a program for victory! 

''*Q - Who will run the St. Louis Metropolitan Area 
Citizens’ Council and set its policies? 

- YOU will! Each local Council -- including ours 
in St. Louis is completely autonomous. You and other select the officers and director.s who plan our 
program and determine our policies. This provides us v^ith 
sound, responsible local leadership. In addition, through 
our affiliation, with the Citizens' Councils of America., we . 
have the valuable opportunity to consult with leaders through- 
out the country, and with other’ local Citizens' Councils 
whose problems are similar to ours. 

”Q - Can the Citizens' Council work with businessmen to 
prevent forced integration and the deprivation of constitutional 

”A ■■ Yes! Statistics show that integration is bad for 
business; By working to uphold property rights and freedom . 
of choice, your Citizens’ Council can make an important con- 
tribution to the continued prosperity of this .area. We can 
help iocaj businessmen resist assaults by Negro agitators. 

We can demand anid obtain -- vigorous enforcement of existing 
laws, a.nd safeguard the right of each business to operate as its 
owners see fit, in keeping with our American traditions. 

”Q ” Wasn't our battle lost with passage of the so-called 
Civil Rights Bill? 

''A - No, indeed! The 'civil wrongs’ bill will be just as 
unenforceable as prohibition. However, we must now become 
better org;anized. On .July 3, 1964, -- the day it was signed 




’’into law -■=■ the Citizens' Councils of America began a 
nationwide campaign aimed at repealing the so-called 
'Civil Rights' act. They pledged to continue and 
intensify this effort, and to enlist the support of 
white Americans in every section of our nation who 
oppose this vicious and tyrannical legislation. Every 
citizen is perfectly within his legal rights in working 
to repeal the 'Civil Rights' act, 

*'Q “ Is membership in the Citizens' Council open 
only to men? 

■“ No I Women ax'e the guardians of our homes. 

They tralri our children. It is important for them to be 
members' We need the support of tne ladies particularly . 
the mothers. 

"Q ”■ As a merober, what will I, be asked to do? 

"A “ You will have an opportunity to v/ork with a 
committee of the Council, according to your own profession 
or 'field of interest. Special projects such as membership 
drives, addressing mail or telephoning members will require 
volunteer workers. The few hours you devote to the Council 
will be repaid in full by the inner satisfaction of knowing 
that you are doing something positive for your children and 
for your commiinity *s futui-el 

"■Q How much will it cost me? 

-'A “ A local Citizens' Council has Biiaimum monthly dues 
of $2 per member. This includes a subscription to the official 
monthly magazine, THE CITIZEN, support of the Citizens' Council 
Foriim, and the state and national associations. 

”Q “ How may I Join the Citizens’ Council? 

"A “ You may join at the organisation meeting of the 
St. Louis Metropolitan Area Citizens’ Council to be held 
at 8;06'~p.m. on Saturday, October 10, in the Hall of Electrical 
Workers, Local #1, 5850 Elizabeth Avenue in St. Louis, Plan 
to attend and taring your friends who feel as ji'ou do! If 


- 10 - 

, ^ 

SL 157-382 

"you can’t come, well be happy to send you a membership 
application. But be at the meeting if you possibly cani 
Please complete the reply form on the back of this page and 
mail it today!" 


On December 16, 1964, SL T-1 furnished the following 
questionnaire used by the SLMACC for prospective new members; 
Appropriate "Yes" or "No" boxes were to be checked. 

"1, Are you positively dedicated, as a matter of 
personal choice, to the principle of the social separation 
of the races? 

Do you believe that forced integration and racial 
interbreeding threaten the integrity of both races, and 
endanger the very foundation of oui* Western civilization? 

"3. Do you believe that either Communist influences or 
economic pressure groups are behind the campaign to force 
the white people of this country to amalgamate with the 

negro race? ' - 

"4. Do you belieye that left-wing agitation groups are 
inciting racial tension and racial violence in the nation 
because they want Federal intervention by armed troops, thus 
establishing a police state upder martial law? 

*‘5. Do you believe in the rights of the Sovereign States 
to handle their own internal affairs? 

"6. Bo you believe in the principle of local self- 
government, and in the strengthening of local and state 
governments to protect citizens from Federal meddling? 

"7. Do you realize that indifference, apathy, and the 
inclination of some to accept collectivism as ' inevitable ' 

, . , are our greatest enemies? 

- 11 - 

"8, Are you ready and filling to DO SOMETHING positive 
about this very serlbus and: present problem? 

"Will you join the Citizens' Council?" 


On January 19, 1965, T-3 advised that upon filing a 
membership application with SLMACC and payment of $2, acknowledgment 
of the receipt of the application and $2 is made from Rooms 315^325, 
Plaza Building, Jackson, Mississippi, by form letter'd the Citizens* 
Councils of America.,. LOUIS W. HOLLIS, Executive Director which i& ; 
addressed, "Dear Council Member: ' 

"Aecoi'ding to our records,, you are in good standing 
with your local Council. Your new membership card for 
the coming year is enclosed herewith." 

SL T“3 advised that the SLMACC uses the following mimeo- 
graphed form letter in recontacting individuals who discontinue 
paying monthly dues: 

"Dear Friend of the Citizens* Council, 

"For some time now you have been enjoying the privileges of 
, Citizens' Council membership, but our records indicate your 
monthly dues to foe in arrears. Up to xiow we have been willing 
to go along on this basis because it is so important that you 
keep receiving Citizens' Council publications and information. 

"Mow, our national headquarters in Jackson is putting pressure 
on us to pay our bills to them for servicing our memberships. 
This involves quite a bit of money, and frankly is the reason 
for the emergency nature of this letter. 

know you are interested in seeing the work of the Citizens* 
Council go forward. Qur part in the defeat of the inter- 
marriage bill was only a start . But , to cari*y on every member 
must shoulder a part of this responsibility. In this struggle 
the funds will come from neither the big tax free foundations 
nor from government handouts if they are to be available at 

SL 157-582 

"all they must cpiae from the, people whp have formed the / 
backbone of America sliice the night they thi'ew tea into 
Boston Harbor. ' 

"You are still carried on the rolls as a member .. .you are 
needed there in a place of sex'vice; however . this is a two . ; ■ 
way street . We realize the heavy obligations on everyone. ; y 
today and in order for W to continue as a membei’, receive' . 
the magazine and newsletter and have voting privileges, we 
have permission to permit those behind in their dues to 
start repaying with the current month. This is a limited 
offer, so please let us know right away . ..for sad to say 
those who do not respond will have to be dropped, 

"By responding you will remain a vital part of this great , 
movement . . .don't sever this link with fellow believers. . , 
the need v^as never greater. 

"Great campaigns are being planned for the next few months.,, 
be a part of . them . States' rights and racial integrity are 
not just slogans .. .they are the watchwords for the salvation 
of western civilization. 

"Cordially , , ■ 



On December 19, 1965, SL T-3 advised that the following 
wei-e the officers of the SLMACC: 

Reverend ^/ILLIAM C. BARLOW - Chairman 
CHARLES 0. ROGERS,, - Vice Chairman 

FLOYD 6. KITCHEN -Secretary 

Mr s . . JOSEPH':. (NADINE )MALTZIkIAN - Treasurer . ^ 


The official publication of the SLMACC is the "St . Lo.uis Citizen," Post Office Box 9683, Kirkwood, Missouri, 

13 - 

SL 157-582 

The masthead of this publications states that it is, "A monthly 
journal of fact and opinion published by the St. Louis Metropolitan 
Axe a Citizens’ Council.'* The editor is identified as FLOYD G. 
KITCHSM. The publication carries a tear-off portion for subscribers 
which contains two boxes to be checked reading as follows: 

*M , I enclose $1 for a one year subscription to the 

'St, Louis Metropolitan Citizen. * 

"2. I enclose $ to advance the cause.*' 

Issue iri, dated Api”il, 1965, of the "St. Louis Metropolitan 
Citizen/' reported the following: 


"The first Citizens* Council was formed by fourteen civic 
leaders at Indianola, Mississippi, July 11, 1954. They 
counseled together in the wake of the U.S, Supreme Court's 
’Black Monday’ decision. For the first .time in American 
history racial segregation had been outlawed by judicial 
decree. The way of life regulating, the daily activities 
of tens of millions of Americans , white and black, lay at 
the mercy of power hungry Negro racists. 

"These early organizers realised that the fundamental issue 
was a struggle for power. It coiild be met only by bringing 
together a winning combination of responsible and able leaders, 
a mass membership, and the resources With whic.h to operate, 

"Word of the Citizens’. Council spread. Neighboring towns and 
counties began to organize . Three months later twenty counties 

formed the Association of Citizens' Councils of Mississippi. 

*'The mov'einerit expanded rapidly outside its home state. Then 
two years later, oh April 7 , 1956 the Citizens ' Councils of 
America was fo.rmed in New Orleans. 

"Today the Citizens* Councils, under responsible civic leader- 
ship at local, state and national levels have developed into 

- 14 


■ \ ’ ' ■ " ' . . ■ . -, ^ '■'■.■■' '■'■’■ ''f. 

SL ' 137-582: ■ 

"a raoveE^nt working ior soqial separatipn of the races 
, as the only proven, solution to our most serious domestic 

■problem, u 

On May 3, 1935 , SL T- 3 advised that On April 21, 19.65, 
the SLMAGCd^ addressed to "Members of the 

Missouri Legisllture." .which st9.ted that the undersigned wished ■ . 
to go on record as being, opposed to the repeal of the ’Missouri , 

Anti -Miscegenation Law", tbit "v,’e feel that the interraa^r^a;ge■ 
between the races will create many more problems than it would 
ever solve" and urged defeat of House Bill #129 and H.B. #132, . v 

The 'Sti Louis .Metropolitan Citizen," off icial puWieatioh" ^ 
of the SLMCCj in its Issue #4, dated July, 1965, reported .that : v .■ 
t he above H.E. 129 and 132 had gone down to defeat, and -L 

thanked Rev BARLOyL f or his "brilliant appearance" before the * 

committee, the news media on behalf of "our cause." 


Post Office Box pjGravoi Station, Was transferred tp 
post- Of flee , Box 9683, on May 11, 1965. The holder of this box 
is Reverend W.C. BARLOW, 1523 Clayton Road, Ellisville, Missouri. 

If " 

In Reply^ Please Refer to 
File No, 


St. Louis, Missouri 

January 25, 1966 



dated January 25, 1966, at 
St. Loxiis 

All sources (except any listed beloe) whose identities 
are concealed in referenced communication have furnished reliable 
information in the past. 






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